Sheet cutting – a better way

Many businesses rely on table saws or hand-held circular saws and trestles to cut sheet materials. Both approaches are hazardous, require considerable floor space and can be slow, inaccurate, and messy. In short, they increase risk and eat into profits.

While vertical panel saws, also known as wall saws, offer an ideal solution, quality machines are often beyond the financial reach of smaller businesses. Sagetech's Zapkut and Koolkut ranges bring robust, accurate wall saw technology within the reach of even the smallest businesses.

Ideal for cutting timber, plastics, non-ferrous metals and composite materials, a wide range of models is available, ranging from fully portable Zapkut ZK units through to industrial-strength Koolkut KK machines.

With prices starting at just £945, there's a Sagetech cutting solution for everyone: take a look at our full range today.